Toronto Raptors Must Find ‘The Will To Win’ In Washington

Throw out all the excuses, the injuries, the poor shooting, the suspect defense, if the Toronto Raptors really want to escape the first round of the playoffs they must find the will to win. “It’s the will to win,” veteran Raptors center Chuck Hayes said. “That’s all it is. It’s the will to win.”

Wizards Need To Win Ugly, Raptors Need To Run

The Washington Wizards won game one of their first round match in Toronto against the Raptors by playing ugly and taking advantage of their size on the glass and in hindsight Head coach Randy Wittman let slip the offensively challenged Wizards best strategy for handling the high scoring Raptors. “You have to play to your strength defensively,” Wittman said before game one. “We don’t want to win ugly,” said Coach Casey right before game two.

All Is Not Lost In Toronto

Game one was winnable for either team since the shooting was ice cold by both all afternoon. The Wizards shot only 39-per cent to the Raptors 38-percent. Toronto needs to remember they lost the first game to Brooklyn last year and won the second, don’t panic and remember no one said this was going to be an easy 4-game sweep by either team.