Raptors, Wizards: The Only Sure Things In The NBA East

The Eastern Conference is wide open heading into 2014-2015 and a quick start could determine who steals the top spots in each of the Divisions. With only a couple of shoes left to drop, the only teams will any level of certainty are the Raptors and the Wizards as the rest of the pretenders in the Conference have undergone so many changes, even they don’t really know what they have.

Pro Bball Report Week in Review 07/27/14

On Pro Bball Report last week: Lucas Nogueira buyout, Veteran scorer Lou Williams, Best Raptors team ever, Steve Nash having fun, Cory Joseph as leader, Big names missing from Team Canada, Platooning Canadian players, Pro jobs in Europe, Canada vs. Slovenia, Ukraine and Georgia, Raptors training camp, the NBA schedule delayed and more.