Steve Nash Is Having Fun Helping Team Canada

Canada’s Senior Men’s National Team General Manager Steve Nash could be seen having a lot of fun hanging out and playing basketball over the three days of practice at the Air Canada Centre. “Their careers are an incredible source of pride for me,” Nash said. “So to watch them develop and grow and play is huge.”

Canada Missing Wiggins, Stauskas, Ennis, Bennett, Thompson

As Team Canada prepares to head overseas for a series of 11 exhibition games against the top National basketball teams in Europe, they will be missing many of the current and future star players who will be needed next summer in order to win a trip to the 2016 Olympics. For various reasons Anthony Bennett, Tristan Thompson, Joel Anthony, Andrew Wiggins, Nik Stauskas and Tyler Ennis will not be playing for the Senior Men’s National Team this time around.

Cory Joseph Brings Leadership To A Young Team Canada

Canada’s Senior Mens National Team (SMNT) is young, so young in fact that General Manager Steve Nash says, “Guys that have been in the NBA for two or three years, those are veterans on this team.” Cory Joseph is one of those veterans and Team Canada is looking to him for leadership as they head out on an 11 game exhibition series in Europe that starts on Thursday in Slovenia.

Team Canada Is Getting Canadian Players And Coaches Jobs

Playing for Canada’s Senior Men’s National Team can do more for a young Canadian basketball player than just boost his national pride, there are professional jobs to be won as a result of playing for one’s Country. “If it opens up opportunities for our players to keep playing and become employed as basketball players then it’s a great trip,” Head Coach Jay Triano.

Team Canada To Platoon Players On European Tour

Team Canada is enjoying an overabundance of young exceptional basketball talent for the first time in its history and this presents a challenge for Head Coach Jay Triano and his staff. Most of the Senior Men’s National Team roster expected to compete next summer at the FIBA Americas tournament to fight for a coveted spot at the Olympics has little or no high level international experience and this summer’s European exhibition tour is tightly packed. (Full schedule of games included here)

Steve Nash Excited To Mentor Team Canada This Summer

The Canadian Senior Men’s National Basketball Team kicked off their summer program at the Air Canada Center on Sunday as they prepare for a jam packed four weeks of practices and games against top teams in Europe. “I think I’ve been a mentor for about 18 years now,” Steve Nash said. “I’m 40 and I’ve been a veteran in the NBA for a long time, so I’ve had a lot of young players play on my teams or under me.”