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Be More Than A Visitor At The ROM

Check out our article about the Royal Ontario Museum (“ROM”) featured in The Potent Lifestyle Magazine

Some forty years ago as a young engineering student this scribe accidentally lucked into finding out the University of Toronto (UofT) offered a palaeontology course at the ROM that qualified as an equivalent to a rather dry geology course held in a classroom setting. For an entire semester access to the ROM was free and the cross appointed instructor trusted us students with numerous collections not available for public viewing.

“We still do lots with UofT and their students,” confirmed a spokesperson for the ROM.

Things have changed a lot in forty years. More is known about the dinosaurs and how they are presented has changed. With the Age of Dinosaurs Galleries, T.Rex Alive and New Dino Discovered, it takes a lot less imagination now to visualize a T-Rex hunting you now than it did back then.


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