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T Ross

Can Raptors Terrence Ross Be A 3-And-D Or More?

The Toronto Raptors sophomore Terrence Ross was drafted because of his shooting stroke and defensive potential and after the Rudy Gay trade, those skills started to show. Head Coach Dwane talked about how Ross was developing over the course of last season and that he wants him to be more than a 3-and-D guy.


“Now he has experience to draw back from in reading situations,” Casey said. “Then his athletic instincts, his hands, his speed and quickness kicks-in after that.

“I don’t want to anoint him as a defensive stopper, but he is growing into that role, doing a good job with it, learning – learning each time out.

“3-and-D, I like that, that’s pretty good. That’s probably pretty good description. We want him to be more of a pick-and-roll guy, that’s the next step in (his) growth.”

Ross played well during the regular season after the Gay trade, but his stats started to tail off over the last month and in the playoffs, he really struggled. There was probably an element of fatigue as the season wore on, Ross had never played that many minutes before and the playoff intensity definitely caught him by surprise.

The sophomore wing has a lot to work on over the summer to live up to the 3-and-D tag he was starting to earn and develop the pick-and-roll game Casey wants to see from him next season.


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