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Canadian Tyler Ennis Looking For The Best Fit

Canadian point guard prospect Tyler Ennis was in Toronto for his initial NBA pre-draft workout even though the Syracuse freshman is expected to be taken long before the Raptors will have a chance to draft him. There was nothing but praise for the 19-year-old guard from the Raptors organization and it was a very polished young man that fielded questions from the media and explained that fit was more important than how high he was drafted.



“I think it is more important (to get) the fit,” Ennis said. “There are people that have to go high and (may) not fit on a team and I think it is more important to end up on a team where you are needed and you are able to be successful rather than being a high draft pick and it’s tough for players, we don’t get to choose where we go and you just have to hope you end up in the right spot with whatever team picks you.

“I think I am able to adjust to any playing style. I think I am ready to compete with anybody for minutes and as a young player you are going to have to learn from some veterans and (I hope to) go to a team that has a point guard that is established (and) I am able to learn from him for a few years and I am more than happy to do that, but if a team doesn’t have a point guard and is looking for someone to come in and control the team and takeover then I am more than willing to do that as well.

“I think defensively I will be able to surprise some people. Playing the zone doesn’t help the draft process, but I think with my athleticism and my intelligence I will be able guard people at my position.”

Ennis is 6’2 182 lbs and has an impressive 6’7.25” wingspan and a 36” maximum vertical. He was known as playmaking point guard with poise beyond his years who excelled in Syracuse’s zone defense. He size, length and court vision should translate well to the NBA game. His shooting needs to improve, but at 35.3 percent from three point range as a college rookie, the potential is there to bring that skill up to par as well.

There would definitely be some interest in bringing Ennis to Toronto if he fell in the draft, but almost no one believes this draft prospect will still be around when the 20th pick is taken.



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