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Miami Heat Welcome Back Michael Beasley

The Miami HEAT have welcomed back their own former number two overall draft pick from 2008, forward Michael Beasley.

Over the past five years, Beasley has become best known for his poor judgment both on and off the basketball court, however, no one has doubted his natural talent.  Beasley averaged 10.1 points in 20.7 minutes for the Suns last season.

Heat President Pat Riley, who had trouble giving Beasley away three years ago, believes the 24-year-old could still help his team according to an Associated Press story on ESPN.

“Michael had the best years of his career with us,” Riley said. “We feel that he can help us.”

Apparently Beasley has taken a non-guaranteed contract with the HEAT in order to get another shot with his former club, although that shouldn’t put him out financially all that much.  Phoenix reportedly paid him $7 million to go away.

It didn’t take long before his former HEAT teammate Mario Chalmers to welcome Beasley back to South Beach.  Chalmers and Beasley started their careers together as rookies with Miami back in 2008.

This gives Miami two very different reclamation projects heading into this season. Greg Oden who needs to prove he can physically play the game and Beasley who has yet to show he can deal with the expectations and the pressure of the NBA.

This is probably the best spot for both of them.