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Knicks Andrea Bargnani Has Pneumonia

Bargnani webEarlier this month, the New York Knicks forward/center Andrea Bargnani was at risk of not being able to play for Italy at 2013 Eurobasket in Solvenia this September because of a respiratory tract infection, it has now been confirmed that he has pneumonia. Bargnani will not be allowed to play for his National Team according to Italia Basketball.

It was reported that Bargnani’s condition had improved considerably in the past few days, but with two weeks to go before the start of the tournament, his health would still prevent him from playing in any games next month. Apparently, his health either did not improve as expected or was considerably worse than originally thought.

This is bad news for Italy who lost to Belgium and Israel in exhibition games over the weekend. Any chance for success in Solvenia rested with Bargnani. It is potentially worse news for the Knicks who were hoping the big man they had traded for in July would arrive in training camp ready to play six weeks from now.

This is just another setback for Bargnani who has struggled with his conditioning after layoffs in the past. The former 2006 number one overall draft pick had suffered through calf and elbow injuries over the past three seasons and was looking forward to a fresh start with the Knicks this year.