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NBA Toronto Raptors Bruno Caboclo

Raptors Bruno Caboclo Needs To Stop Singing

The Toronto Raptors drafted a very raw Bruno Caboclo as a project 20th overall in 2014 as they believed this virtually unknown kid from Brazil had unlimited potential, however, what they didn’t know was this outgoing young man loved to sing as well and he’s brutally terrible at it.

Raptors assistant coach and 905 head coach Jesse Mermuys has been teaching Caboclo the game of basketball for the past two seasons and Caboclo continues to torture him and everyone else nearby with his singing.

“Bruno’s singing on those bus rides, I’ve had to tell him a few times to knock it off. I can’t handle it,” Mermuys said. “Come-on Bruno, I’m working up here. I’ve got stuff to do. I can’t handle (it). He sounds like – and this is dating myself – he sounds like Eddie Murphy in that movie where he’s got his head phones on and he’s singing. It might be Beverly Hills Cop.

“His singing is brutal and he doesn’t stop. I tell him, Bruno I’m working up here please keep it down and then he ducks his head, he gets nervous, he stops for a while and then 30 minutes later he’s starting the crescendo back up.”

Maybe that’s why Raptors head coach Dwane Casey didn’t want to bring Caboclo back up to the big club? (No, just kidding, I think.)

Mermuys won’t have to listen to Caboclo’s singing next season as his good friend Luke Walton recently hired him to be an assistant coach with the Lakers. Mermuys will be missed in Toronto. He did a great job with the 905 and was the driving force behind Caboclo (and other 905 players) improvement over the course of last season.

“Bruno has done a really nice job (this season),” Mermuys said. “I thought early on everyone could really feel and tell he was pressing so much because I think he felt like he was so behind. He felt the pressure of man I wasted a year (as a rookie because) I didn’t get to play and you could tell that was coming out in his play. To see him settle in and take that edge off and really calm down, it improved his shot selection and his decision making, his passing. Everything because he is so talented and he does work so hard that once we got that out of the way, the improvement came pretty rapidly and so I’m actually really pleased and surprised. Not that he’s out of the woods. There’s no question there’s a lot of work to be done and we’re really excited about getting after it again this summer.”

NBA Toronto Raptors Bruno Caboclo

Mermuys couldn’t improve Caboclo’s singing, but maybe he set the stage for the Raptors prospect to show he’s on track to become the player the Raptors thought they were drafting a couple of years ago.



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