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Greivis Vasquez shooting by Paul Saini (Fylmm

Raptors Greivis Vasquez: When To Go Pro From College (audio)

As we head towards drafting another crop of one-and-done college players, Greivis Vasquez talks about his journey from college to the NBA and has some great advice on how to tell if it is really a good decision to leave college early or not.



Vasquez draws on his personal experience playing four years of college basketball and graduating from Maryland.

“For me, (college) was an amazing experience,” Vasquez said. “The only thing is you get to the money – those one-and-done or two-and-done guys. That is a very complex subject.

“I enjoyed college, but if I knew I was going to be okay in the NBA, I would have left earlier. Obviously I am happy with my degree and the experiences that I have.

“I did my four years because I wasn’t ready and I made the right decision. Maybe if I left earlier, I would have been out of the league by now. Who knows? My four years in college were the best years of my life. I would never trade any of that for nothing – not even for money.

“Stay in school if you are not really ready, but if you feel like you are ready and your game is really going to showcase in the NBA then go. I feel like I wasn’t ready, so I came back.”


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Greivis Vasquez Photo credit: Paul Saini