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Team Canada Practice

Steve Nash Is Having Fun Helping Team Canada

Canada’s Senior Men’s National Team General Manager Steve Nash could be seen having a lot of fun hanging out and playing basketball over the three days of practice at the Air Canada Centre. The 18-year NBA veteran was working up a big sweat as he took his young players through drills on the court looking more like the point guard who will playing in the NBA soon instead of a manager or even an assistant coach.

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Steve Nash & Stephen Brotherston by MoVernie 7-20-2014 cropped“I am just trying to help,” Nash said. “Teach whatever I can after a long career and be a part of their development. The funest part for me is to work with the guys and try to help them with anything they want to try and improve on.”

There are not many general managers out there who can still play pro basketball, so Nash brings a unique perspective to his job and how he sees himself in this role. Nash hasn’t been shy about jumping on the court and using the respect he has built up with Team Canada and in the NBA to get involved with teaching.

“I am not really a coach, but not many guys are getting instructed by guys that are still playing, so it is a little bit different,” Nash said. “After 18-years in the league and still playing I am able to obviously still do some things on the court that I can share with the guys and it’s fun for me and they seem to enjoy it. It is just kind of the cool dynamic of being a general manager while you are still playing.”

It’s obviously fun for Nash. He jumps right into a drill and takes over, showing the players what he wants them to do and perhaps more importantly, how to do it and as Nash has stated, it’s fun.

“Their careers are an incredible source of pride for me,” Nash said. “So to watch them develop and grow and play is huge and to be able to help them a little bit and be a mentor or a sounding board is exciting.”

“They are like a family. They don’t ask for autographs or anything. I’m starting to ask them for autographs.”


Stephen_Brotherston_insideStephen Brotherston covers the Toronto Raptors and visiting NBA teams at the Air Canada Centre and is a member of the Professional Basketball Writers Association.


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“We have a very young team, so guys that have been in the NBA for two or three years, those are veterans on this team,” Nash said. “We are going to have to become a team that really comes together, has a great bond and leads together and pushes each other to get better and demands a lot of each other, but at the same time supports one another. We have to build a winning culture here and this is a new project.”