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TOR DeRozan and Casey

Toronto Raptors Are Over Their First Game Jitters

After the fact, the Raptors are admitting to some first game jitters that maybe they didn’t recognize before they hit the court on Saturday, however, that is all behind them now. They know they can play better than in game one.

“I think the second time around, we’ll get the first game jitters away out of us,” Head Coach Dwane Casey said. “We know we can do better.”

“Not really nervous, a little anxious,” admitted DeMar DeRozan. “It was my first go around.”

After reviewing the game film, Casey saw his team doing things that they normally wouldn’t do.

“Our turnovers were dribble off the foot, some things we normally don’t do (like) passing to a guy who is not looking at you,” Casey said. “This let me know we’re a little anxious.”

“The first game we were all anxious,” Greivis Vasquez explained. “I haven’t been in the playoffs in two years. We wanted to be out there. We wanted to perform. We got it out of our system. Now we are going to play Raptors basketball.”

Vasquez even believes losing game one may have helped them calm down for a long series.

“Losing that game really helped us a lot,” Vasquez said. “Just calmed (us) down and just (let us) be ourselves and relax. If they are going to beat us, they are going to beat us our way. We can’t change anything at this point in the season.”

The Raptors backup point guard suggested Coach Casey might even turn to the seldom used Landry Fields in game two, however, everybody has to be ready to go and there is every indication they are.

“Landry Fields might get a shot (Tuesday),” Vasquez said.

“It is very exciting,” said Fields about being active on the playoff roster. “I can tell the electricity in the air, the atmosphere we are going into.”

“They are ready,” Jamaal Magloire said. “Everybody is excited to play, focused and that is all we can ask for. From (my) experience, they are ready to go.”

After shooting just 3-13 in game one, the Raptors young All-Star is just one of the players Toronto needs to step it up in game two. DeRozan summed things up nicely.

“We understand it’s a big game,” DeRozan said.


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