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NBA Orlando Magic Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon Was Pure Magic At The NBA Slam Dunk Contest

It’s been said that there are no more dunks left to do, but Magic power forward Aaron Gordon absolutely blew everyone away with what is quite possibly the most difficult and spectacular dunk ever seen at an NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Gordon used Magic mascot Stuff the Magic Dragon with amazing effect several times to illustrate his athletic and creative flair to raise the bar once again at what can be at times the premier event at NBA All-Star weekend.

In the dunk of the night, Gordon jumped over Stuff the Magic Dragon, who is almost as tall as the 6’9 Gordon, in spectacular fashion that defied probability. Completely clearing Stuff with his legs parallel to the floor, Gordon reached beneath his legs to grab the ball out of Stuff’s raised hands and windmill the ball over his own head to complete the impossible sequence with a slam through the hoop. The only disappointment being the judges didn’t give him a score of more than 50.

“Going under both legs. Yeah, so I knew I wanted to do that because it was just different,” Gordon said after the contest. “I knew it hadn’t been done in an NBA Dunk Contest. So I think all four of my initial dunks had never been done in an NBA Dunk Contest before. So I think that was my goal, and I did it.”

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The event continued into extra innings as Zach LaVine and Gordon traded scores of 50 until the judges undervalued Gordon’s final dunk as both competitors were forced into displays that they couldn’t have planned on using but remained spectacular.

“Out of my first four dunks, I think potentially I could have won,” Gordon continued. “It could have gone either way. Zach’s an incredible dunker, he went through the legs from the free throw line. That is insane.

“If I knew it was going to be like that, I would have prepared better and we would have been here dunking all night, going back 50 after 50 after 50 after 50. We would have been here all night. I didn’t know it was going to be like that.”

LaVine earned his scores of 50, by any prior dunk contest standards his dunks were perfect. However, Gordon took things to another level and the judges didn’t have a means to give him the higher scores he deserved.

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After that display, no one will be suggesting the dunk contest is past it’s prime now, but next year’s crop of participants may have a near impossible standard to match – or will they? Apparently we’ve been writing off this event as “it’s over” far too easily before.

“I kind of did a lot of dunks there, man. I don’t know how many more I’ve got,” Gordon said. “I’ve got a year, yeah. In Charlotte, yeah, if they want me to come back, I probably will. I’ve got a year to get my dunks ready.”



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