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Nets Andrea Bargnani

Andrea Bargnani Confirms What Raptors Fans Believed

At this point it can only be taken as cold comfort, everything Toronto Raptors fans thought was wrong about their team’s former number one overall draft pick Andrea Bargnani was true. Bargnani really was putting himself first. Bargnani told RAI (Italy) in a recent interview, that is quoted in SB Nation’s Nets Daily, his own personal results were more important than winning.

“When I arrived in the NBA, I thought a lot more about me, as an individual, scoring 20 points,” Bargnani said (translated). “This thought has gone away slowly.”

In Toronto it never seemed like Bargnani ever completely fit in and his recent  comments fit the perception. ESPN’s Charlie Rosen quoted Phil Jackson, “AB was and still is a big tease” and “when he was on the court, he had a hard time staying intense” after the Knicks season and that is precisely how many in Toronto still feel about him.

Apparently the soon-to-be 30-year-old is starting to figure things out as the rest of his recent comments indicate.

“(Now) Winning I feel it inside as a need. Playing well and losing the game leaves me with a sense of sadness that in the early years wasn’t there.”





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  1. Anonymous

    Too late! Might ride the bench of a champ team for no money. Speaking of that isn’t his contract up soon?

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