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Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry, Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard and Houston Rockets James Harden

By The Numbers, Who Deserves To Be An NBA All-Star?

Every year there are more deserving players than spots in the NBA All-Star game and in part because the fan voting is more based on popularity than reality, some very deserving players are not going have a chance.

The simplest and perhaps most objective method of selecting an All-Star roster is to look at the players basic statistics of points, rebounds and assists and then factor in how many wins their team has. The All-Stars do not just represent themselves, they represent their teammates, their organization, their fans and their city. The best players from the best teams deserve to be in New York in February.

Factoring in points, assists, rebounds and team wins, Stephen Curry and James Harden should 1 and 1A when it comes to All-Star weekend (points + rebounds + assists + team wins = #rank). Your deserving Eastern and Western Conference All-Stars are:

Western Conference

Stephen Curry, Golden State (#1)
James Harden, Houston (#2)

LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland (#3)
Blake Griffin, LAC (#5)
Marc Gasol, Memphis (#10)

Reserves (2 guards, 3 frontcourt, 2 more)
(G) Damian Lillard, Portland (#4)
(G) Klay Thompson, Golden State (#7)
(G) Chris Paul, LAC (#13)
(F) Zach Randolph, Memphis (#15)
(F) Dwight Howard, Houston (#17)
(G) Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City (#18)
(F) Anthony Davis, New Orleans (#22)
Just missing the cut:
Mike Conley, Grizzlies
Monta Ellis, Dallas
Draymond Green, Golden State
Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City

Missing because their team doesn’t win:
Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City (20 wins)
DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento (16 wins)
Rudy Gay, Sacramento (16 wins)
Kobe Bryant, LAL (12 wins)

Eastern Conference

Jeff Teague, Atlanta (#8)
John Wall, Washington (#10)

Paul Millsap, Atlanta (#6)
LeBron James, Cleveland (#9)
Pau Gasol, Chicago (#12)

Reserves (2 guards, 3 frontcourt, 2 more)
(G) Kyle Lowry, Toronto (#14)
(F) Al Horford, Atlanta (#16)
(G) Jimmy Butler, Chicago (#19)
(G) Kyle Korver, Atlanta (#28)
(G) Derrick Rose, Chicago (#31)
(F) DeMarre Carroll, Atlanta (#35)
(F) Kevin Love, Cleveland (#37)

Just missing the cut:
DeMar DeRozan, Toronto
Kyrie Irving, Cleveland
Bradley Beal, Washington
Marcin Gortat, Washington
Missing because their team doesn’t win:
Carmelo Anthony, New York (6 wins)
Nikola Vucevic, Orlando (15 wins)
Dwayne Wade, Miami (18 wins)
Chris Bosh, Miami (18 wins)

Using this method the West is represented by players from 7 teams: Golden State (2), Houston (2), Portland (2), Clippers (2), Memphis (2), Oklahoma City (1) and New Orleans (1). Of the top 6 teams in the standings, 5 are represented by 2 players. Only Dallas gets snubbed.

The East is represented by the top 5 teams in the conference: Atlanta (5), Chicago (3), Cleveland (2), Washington (1) and Toronto (1).

However, these will not the players at the All-Star game.

In the West, Bryant had a 272,000 vote lead over Harden for second place among guards at last count, so at least one deserving guard from a deserving team will likely miss the big show to give the 12-win Lakers a spot in the limelight.

At last count in the East, Wade held a 100,000 vote lead over Lowry for the second guard spot on the team and Anthony held 100,000 vote lead over Bosh and a 200,000 vote lead over Love for the third frontcourt spot. It looks like the 6-win Knicks will have a representative for the game to be held in their own building and the sub-.500 Heat could get a player in as well.

Everyone has their favorite players and the fan vote is largely a popularity contest that isn’t always going to select the best players from the best teams to start. Even the coaches choosing the reserves can’t help but be swayed by what used to be over what is all of the time.

Should the NBA All-Stars go to a more objective method of picking the most deserving players or would everyone really rather the popularity contest continue? In the end, the NBA will do whatever the fans want to see in their annual showcase.

The 2015 NBA All-Stars starters will be announced on Thursday night.



Stephen_Brotherston_insideStephen Brotherston covers the Toronto Raptors and visiting NBA teams at the Air Canada Centre and is a member of the Professional Basketball Writers Association.




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