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DeMarcus Cousins Would Flourish In The Right Place Says DeRozan

It’s a question that crosses the mind of nearly every NBA GM, coach and fan, would the Kings DeMarcus Cousins get his act together in a better environment than Sacramento? ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz goes into detail about Cousins and his checkered history with the Kings. It’s worth the read.

IF THE FATAL flaw of the Kings is instability, nowhere is it more evident than in the vibrant lazy Susan of coaches. Cousins was drafted in June 2010, which means all before his prime — and without changing teams — he has already played for Paul Westphal, Keith Smart, Mike Malone, Ty Corbin, George Karl and now Dave Joerger.

From a Toronto Raptors perspective, his Olympic teammate DeMar DeRozan believes Cousins would flourish in the right place and that’s tantalizing information to receive right before the NBA trade deadline.

“You put him in the right type of environment, a winning environment in the right organization, he would flourish without a doubt,” Olympic teammate DeMar DeRozan says. “Even in the position he’s in now, he hasn’t been to the playoffs, but he’s still the best big man in the league. Sometimes the other chips just don’t fall into place for you to take off when you want to take off. I think he’s going to get to that point once he gets in the right situation.”

Once again Cousins is a hot trade topic ahead of the NBA trade deadline and if DeRozan is to be believed, maybe pursuing the “best big man in the league” shouldn’t be something to be afraid of.