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Is The Raptors DeMar DeRozan Really On The Trade Block?

One of the most persistent social media rumors associated with the Toronto Raptors this summer has been the suggestion All-Star DeMar DeRozan will be traded in an attempt to upgrade the roster. According to long-time NBA insider Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, nothing could be further from the truth.

The DeRozan rumors are 100 percent fan driven. Sources close to the Raptors side of the equation said they have not entertained anything with DeRozan’s name on it

from a team perspective DeRozan is way ahead of where they wanted him to be as a player and his production to his contract is stellar. They just need to surround him with more talent

to characterize DeRozan as obtainable would be wrong.

A 20-year-old DeRozan was unfairly tagged as the ‘face-of-the-franchise’ in 2010 when Chris Bosh departed for South Beach. The sophomore wing did have a solid second season in Toronto scoring 17.2 points per game, but the team was in shambles without CB4 and DeRozan along with the over-hyped Andrea Bargnani bore most of blame for the next two 20-something win seasons.

For some unknown reason DeRozan still hasn’t won over the entire Toronto fan base despite being named an All-Star in 2014, success with Team USA on the international stage, consecutive franchise record setting seasons of 48 and 49 wins and playoff appearances in each of the past two seasons after a five-year stint as a lottery team. (The first two of those lottery bound years came with Bosh still on the team.)

DeRozan turned 26-years-old early in August and is just coming into the prime years of his NBA career. Acknowledged as a hard worker who advances his game each summer, the best of this young veteran has yet to be seen. Trade him? The Raptors would have to be absolutely blown away to even consider it.



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  1. Fly Fresh

    That’s why some of these “fans” shouldn’t even have a team. I’m pleased you said that the “face of the franchise” was put on DD’s lap, unfairly, when he hadn’t even earned it, yet. It WASN’T him that said that or that put it on himself, yet he gets targeted like it was, Some people can really seem foolish, I tell ya, Anyhow, great article piece.

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