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Derrick Rose

Is This The End For Derrick Rose In Chicago?

Sure there has been some frustration with the Chicago Bulls star guard Derrick Rose. He’s been injured – a lot. The failure of the Bulls to meet expectations or at least be perceived to have a chance at greatness can be linked to the fact Rose just hasn’t been available when needed. Then there’s those less than superstar type numbers he’s been averaging over the first five games of this season – BUT it’s only been five games. So should speculation of Rose’s departure from Chicago already be in the cards?

Pat Bradley of NESN pulls together some recent pot stirring that indicates the end is near.
ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst,
Here’s how I feel about Derrick Rose: The breakup with the Bulls has begun.
I don’t know how long it’s going to last, I don’t know when it’s going to be complete, but you can sort of see it. The team and the franchise have moved on, to a little bit of a certain extent.

It’s not Derrick Rose’s fault that his knee got hurt, OK? But his attitude has been not terrific. The comments that he made about his contract in 2017, you want to talk about being tone deaf

That tone deaf comment made during media day about his future contract probably wasn’t well timed.

“You talk about ‘X’ amount of dollars, it raised everybody’s eyebrows,” Rose said, via FOX Sports. “There’s nothing wrong with being over-prepared.”

The speculation certainly seems premature, big trades this early in the season are not the norm and how Rose performs over the next month or so will have a big impact on his perceived value in Chicago and around the league. If Rose starts to find even some of his old form, the desire to rush him out could diminish rather quickly.

Also, there’s that minor detail that Rose is owed $20 million this season and over $21 million next year. Players averaging about 10 points per game and 34 percent shooting from the field just don’t command that kind of money, so putting any trade speculation on the back-burner for a while would seem appropriate.

As Rose told another ESPN writer, Nick Friedell recently, he’s not worried.

“Nothing,” he said. “I’m not worried about my offense. It’s all about conditioning, running, getting my body in shape, getting used to moving around. All the other stuff like offensive looks and all that, that’s going to come.”

Maybe the situation just needs a chance to breathe before looking for Rose to be pushed out the back door?



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2 thoughts on “Is This The End For Derrick Rose In Chicago?

  1. delete tumblr

    It isn’t about 1 good game or 1 bad game. Examine is career when he hasn’t been injured. Rose in his career, shoots 2 much, passes 2 little and has 2 many careless turnovers. He has no business taking 3 point shots as he simply isn’t very good from long range. In crunch time, Rose rarely looks 4 his teammates. That is a FATAL flaw if the Bulls think they are trying 2 win a title down the road. Someone in the Bulls organization should have realized this basic facts by now.

    1. Stephen BrotherstonStephen Brotherston Post author

      Teams have to believe their young stars are going to “mature” and learn the team game. Players with that much talent are just too hard to find – But when teams change their minds, it comes fast & often out of the blue.
      Rose is still young – it would be very tough to give up on him yet – not to mention very expensive

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