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Justice For Hawks Thabo Sefolosha

Thabo Sefolosha missed the the entire Atlanta Hawks NBA playoff run when the New York police broke his leg after an incident outside a Manhattan nightclub in April. Somehow it was Sefolosha who was charged with three misdemeanor counts despite descriptions in the media that seemed to confirm it was the police who got out of control.

The Hawks player finally got some measure of justice when a jury of three men and three women confirmed his innocence as reported by Danny Knobler in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Hawks player Thabo Sefolosha was acquitted on all charges Friday, after a weeklong trial stemming from an April incident outside a Manhattan nightclub.

Sefolosha wiped away tears of relief as he listened to the verdict.

“I’m thankful to the American justice system,” Sefolosha said. “Justice was made today.”


There was no indication whether or not Sefolosha will file a civil lawsuit against the police.