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NBA Sacramento Kings Quincy Acy

Kings Quincy Acy: From Energy Guy To Offensive Threat

In Toronto, forward Quincy Acy was a victim of the numbers game.  The Raptors didn’t have enough minutes to go around for all the young up-and-coming players they had, but since the trade to Sacramento, Acy has become part of the Kings rotation and the self-described energy guy has a chance to become an offensive threat as well.

“No matter how old I get, no matter where I go, my skill is going to be energy,” Acy said.  “I can add other things to my game, but my main skill is always going to be energy.”

Head Coach Michael Malone was surprised by what Acy could do besides actively defend and run the floor.  Malone thought he was getting an energy guy, Acy’s offensive skills have been something of a well kept secret.

“The one thing that surprised me about Quincy was, I didn’t realize that he was as capable of an offensive player as he is,” Malone said.  “Does that mean that we run plays for him, no by no means, but he makes some plays on the floor that I wasn’t aware of that he could make.”

Acy has good hands and jump shot, it’s just that isn’t what got him drafted, however, those skills may be what keep him in the league after his rookie deal, so it’s important he continues to develop them.

“I am on the court for more minutes (now),” Acy said.  “So I get a chance every now and then to shoot a jump shot and stuff like that.  From the opening (game), (Malone) encouraged me to take (the shot), but obviously not to force anything.”

“If you remember when we first got (Acy), he shot a couple (of threes) and I had to kind of talk (to him), listen, calm down, but when you watch him shoot the ball in practice or after practice, he is not a bad shooter with range,” Malone said.  “But is that a shot I want him shooting in the flow of a game, by no means, we are not there yet.  We will see what happens after the summer and a lot more time in the gym, but Quincy is a guy that works extremely hard and has a lot more skills offensively than most people realize.”

“(I am) still working on (the three-point shot),” Acy said.  “It’s a work in progress.  I still shoot it from time to time, but that’s not the strong part of my game.”

It wasn’t easy for Acy to be traded by the team that drafted him, but he’s happy now, getting more court time has made the transition a good one.

“It’s all great,” Acy said.  “Coach Malone is a great dude, a good defensive coach.  He respects hard work.  He knows his stuff and I am around good players, good dudes, so it’s a lot of fun.  It has been an easy transition for me.”

Acy was a fan favorite in Toronto because of his work ethic and energy on the court and those attributes have made him a popular player in Sacramento as well.  If playing time and some hard work this summer help him to develop his offensive game, Acy won’t just be popular, he’ll be valuable as well.  Energy guys that can defend and score are always in short supply.


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