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NBA Dominance Rankings

Who is the top dog in the NBA these days? Pro Bball Report takes the subjective out of ranking NBA teams to determine who has been the most dominant to-date. The formula is based on wins and losses, strength of schedule, points differential, adjusts for home and way, rebounding differential and turnover differential. The end result is biased towards the best record, but that is what everyone is playing for during the regular season.

1. Grizzlies 12-2

The Grizzlies own the best record in the NBA. They’ve earned the top ranking.

2. Raptors 11-2

With the second best record in the NBA, the Raptors have secured the second spot, but just barely. After adjusting for their significant home court advantage, they are clinging to their position by the smallest of margins.

3. Warriors 10-2

Golden State has had a tougher strength of schedule than Toronto and the only failed to overtake the Raptors in the rankings because they haven’t taken care of the ball as well.

4. Mavericks 10-4

Dallas has powered through their opponents scoring a league best 109.9 points per game and looks after the rock. If they keep this up, they’ll challenge for the top spot soon enough.

5. Trail Blazers 10-3

Portland trails the Mavericks because of their generous home schedule to start the year and a propensity to turnover the ball. We’ll see how they do in comparison after the road games start to add up.

6. Rockets 10-3

The Rockets just haven’t been as dominate as the teams ahead of them. That mini two game losing skid knocked them down a peg.

7. Spurs 9-4

Here come the Spurs. A four game winning streak has them back on track and rising fast.

8. Wizards 9-3

Washington is winning games, but they’ve had a relatively easy schedule and they are not dominating their competition.

9. Kings 8-5

The Kings have been hot, then cold and hot again. If they can find some consistency, this could be their year to make strides.

10. Pelicans 7-5

New Orleans has faced a tougher than average schedule and more games on the road than at home, but they are still outscoring their opponents and looking after the ball.

11. Suns 9-5

Phoenix has enjoyed a slightly easier than average schedule and the only concern might be on the boards,

12. Bulls 8-5

Everyone knows what ails the Bulls, but they don’t expect any pity from the rest of the NBA. They’ll just have to fight through their injury problems.

13. Clippers 7-5

The Clippers have faced a tough schedule, but this team was expected to perform well regardless of the opponent. Something is amiss and a lot of it is in their -6 rebounding differential.

14. Heat 8-6

Miami looks pretty good with Dwayne Wade and no-so-good without him. This right about where a lot of people have expected the Heat to end up.

15. Nuggets 6-7

If the trend is your friend, the Nuggets will be moving on up from here.

16. Hawks 6-5

An easy schedule has not resulted in a lot of wins for Atlanta. It might take Al Horford a while to get back to his former self, but the schedule is about to get tougher.

17. Cavaliers 5-7

Cleveland has faced a tough schedule of late and they haven’t risen to the challenge. It looks like the adjustment period for LeBron James and company is going to take a while yet.

18. Bucks 7-7

The Bucks are being outscored by almost four points per game and have enjoyed a relatively easy schedule.

19. Nets 5-8

The Nets have lost six of seven and are in danger of sliding fast.

20. Magic 6-9

Orlando has played the most road games in the Association. The Magic should be pretty happy with how things have turned out thus far.

21. Jazz 5-9

The Jazz are a young team playing a tough schedule and if they could stop turning the ball over almost four more times per game than their opponents, they’d win some more games.

22. Celtics 4-8

Giving up 107.2 points per game, the Celtics are doing well to won four.

23. Pacers 5-8

Indiana is one of the league’s best rebounding teams at +6.3 boards per game. Unfortunately their best scorer is watching from the bench and the Pacers are just barely managing to crack 90 points a game. That level of scoring just isn’t enough to take advantage of the still stingy Pacers defense.

24. Hornets 4-10

Last year the Hornets were top three in opponent’s points allowed, but this year their own scoring is down and their defense vanishes at the worst possible moments.

25. Timberwolves 3-9

When a team is getting outscored by over 9 points per game on average, it’s kind of amazing they even have three wins. They need to get some of their starters back, but that isn’t happening anytime soon. At least Andrew Wiggins can be fun to watch.

26. Pistons 3-10

Easy schedule, bad results, Stan Van Gundy must be ready to pull out what’s left of his hair.

27. Lakers 3-11

Kobe could win a scoring title.

28.Knicks 4-10

Hey they beat the 76ers! Knicks had the easiest schedule in the NBA so far.

29. Thunder 3-12

Everyone understands what’s going on in OKC. Unfortunately, the NBA couldn’t put the schedule on pause for a month.

30. 76ers 0-13

This was planned.
All statistics used were prior to the start of action on 11-24-2014