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NBA Atlanta Hawks Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap To The Raptors Could Be Next

It could be a franchise changing move if Raptors president Masai Ujiri can find a way to bring the Hawks Paul Millsap to Toronto and there more than a few people out there that believe it’s a real possibility.

It not like the Hawks weren’t considering just such a move this past summer.

The Hawks would be looking for as much as possible in return for the All-Star, but his expiring contract should limit just how far teams will go to get a potential rental. The situation should eliminate any team that doesn’t believe acquiring Millsap will make them a contender this year.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst: “I was talking to an executive just yesterday about a potential Toronto-Atlanta trade and he was like, ‘If they can get two assets out of it, then Atlanta would have done a good job.’ The two assets are Patrick Patterson and Terrence Ross. If he were Toronto, he wouldn’t offer more than Patterson and Ross.”

This will continue to be the hot story in the NBA until the Hawks overtly pull Millsap off the market.



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