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NBA Toronto Raptors Lucas Nogueira

Pro Bball Report Week In Review 11/22/15

On Pro Bball Report recently: Jonas Valanciunas injured, Lucas Nogueira called up, Cory Joseph impresses, Luis Scola becomes a stretch-four, Pelicans are out already, Warriors are Must-See-TV, Rockets fire Kevin McHale, No buzz for Raptors, Bruno Caboclo scores with the 905, Nick Wiggins shines and more.


Raptors 905 Lucas NogueiraCan Lucas Nogueira Help The Raptors With Valanciunas Injured?

“I didn’t know (Valanciunas) had exactly broke (his hand), but next man up,” Casey said after the Lakers game. “We have to find out which way we want to go, so that’s unfortunate for Jonas. I think that’s the second time I think. When he first got here in his career he broke his hand. It’s unfortunate, but again next man up. I’m sure (we’ll) call Lucas (Nogueira) up from the D-League.”


Jonas ValanciunasRaptors Jonas Valanciunas Has A Boxer’s Fracture

“I don’t know what happened,” Valanciunas said. “I went up with the ball and got slapped. I don’t know who slapped me and I felt the pain. It was hand to hand. We are still waiting for a second opinion. We still got doctors to take a look at it.”


Cory Joseph 1There Is A Little Tony Parker In The Raptors Cory Joseph

“I learned a lot from (Tony Parker),” Joseph told Pro Bball Report. “I was there for four years. I learned a lot. I studied his game obviously from watching him play on a day-to-day basis. I was able to take a few moves, take a few things from him. Obviously not everything because I am a different guy, but I don’t feel that he’s a bad person to take a couple of moves from.”


Cory Joseph looking downWatch Refs Rob Raptors On Cory Joseph Mystery Foul

The Toronto Raptors did everything possible to break the Golden State Warriors 11 game winning streak, but in the end, it was some mystery offensive fouls on the Raptors that gave the Warriors the extra stops they needed to come out on top.


NBA Toronto Raptors Luis ScolaRaptors Luis Scola Becomes A Long Range Threat

“I have been working on it a lot,” Scola told Pro Bball Report. “The NBA has been moving in that direction so I think players need to adapt. The coaches like it. It happens to be the most efficient (shot), the corner three. Teams want players to be able to make the corner three and I am working on that.”


Alvin GentryIs the New Orleans Pelicans Season Already Over?
By Frank McLean

We are just 3-weeks into the 2015-2016 NBA’s regular season schedule and one of the big surprises is the New Orleans Pelicans. 10-games into the campaign the team is sitting dead last in Western Conference at 1-9!


Golden State Warriors Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors Are Must See Late Night TV
By Frank McLean

Do you remember Thursday nights in the 1990’s. NBC used to bill their Thursday night line-up of comedy shows as “MUST SEE TV”. The Cosby Show, Friends and Seinfeld were the network’s staple on Thursday night for years. The NBA right now has their own version of “MUST SEE TV”, it’s whatever night the Golden State Warriors are scheduled to play.


HOU_McHale_KevinSo You Want To Coach In The NBA?
By Frank McLean

It’s not like McHale struggled during his time in Houston. After his five years in there, he leaves with a 193-130 won-loss record and made a struggling franchise into a consistent playoff performer. It’s not like the guy can’t coach.


NBA Toronto Raptors Jonas Valanciunas, DeMarre Carroll, Kyle Lowry & DeMar DeRozanNo Buzz As Raptors Meet Expectations After 10 Games

At 10 games the sample size is small, but the Raptors have experienced a lot during that time. They’ve played three Eastern Conference teams hoping to make the playoffs and knock the Raptors down a peg in the Celtics, Pacers and Bucks and beat them all. Plus, they’ve played three teams expected to make the playoffs in the Western Conference and swept them.


Bruno Caboclo seriousBruno Caboclo Pours In 25 Points For Raptors 905

Caboclo played 34.8 minutes and had an obvious green light to fire away whenever he was open. He also contributed 6 rebounds and a block. The young forward was getting pushed around by players with more experience and strength and it ran up his personal foul total to five, but he has already played more meaningful minutes this season with the 905 than he did all of last year in both the NBA and the NBA D-League.


Raptors 905 Nick wigginsRaptors Wiggins Shines in Mississauga 905 Debut

Now in high gear Wiggins opened the 905’s scoring in the fourth quarter with a pretty finger roll at the rim and after missing a long two-pointer, he punished the Red Claws for a turnover with another long range bomb. In a span of 4.5 minutes, Wiggins had made two layups and two three-point shots for 10 points.


Raptors 905 Bruno CabocloBruno Caboclo Posts Another Raptors 905 Double-Double

Toronto Raptors young forward Bruno Caboclo continues to see a lot of playing time with the 905 and he has been taking advantage of the very long leash afforded to him in the NBA D-League. In the 112-93 loss to the Red Claws at the Portland Expo Building he posted a 15 point 11 rebound double-double on 5-19 shooting from the field in 35.5 minutes of action.


Raptors 905 Garth Wheeler & Dan Tolzman & Jesse MermuysRaptors 905 Announces An NBA TV Schedule

NBA TV will produce nine live TV broadcasts of Raptors 905 games, including seven from Hershey Centre in Mississauga and two from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, beginning November 29 against Delaware.



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refereesNBA Needs To Bring In A Coach’s Challenge
By Frank McLean

It seems that a couple of times every season mistakes by the referees comeback to bite the Raptors and take the possibility of a win away from the team. Granted this is not just a Raptors thing, talk to coaches, players and general managers of the other 29 teams in the NBA and they will tell you the same thing happens to their teams every year as well.


DeMarre CarrollToronto Raptors DeMarre Carroll Talks About His Injury

“I always want to be on the court. If it was up to me, I would have still been playing, but I think coaches and training staff, my agent they basically made the decision for me. They told me I need to think about the long term, but I’m the type of guy that doesn’t want to sit down with any type of injury,” DeMarre Carroll.


Knicks Jose CalderonJose Calderon Willingly Takes The Heat In New York
By Frank McLean

“I prefer you guys talking about me than my teammates,’’ Calderon said after Sunday’s game. “It’s ok, keep talking about it. I’m ok with that. Whatever happens will happen. I want to win. I want to help this team, and (it) doesn’t matter if I’m starting or coming off the bench. It’s all right. (If) you guys (are) talking about me, then you are not talking about the Knicks and us losing.’’


Mario ChalmersHeat To Dump Mario Chalmers To Save $6m In Tax

The Grizzlies have gotten off to a disappointing start to the season and Chalmers just might be able to help. It’s worth the gamble. Miami hasn’t been the same team since the “King” left town and no amount of media hype is going to turn them into a contender this season. Cutting the luxury tax bill makes a lot of sense.


Anthony Bennett looks upIs Toronto Raptors Anthony Bennett Too Shy To Succeed?

“I’m pretty shy, a lot of people don’t really know that,” Bennett admitted.
Bennett has played in each of the past four games, averaging 9 minutes without a made field goal, but what is perhaps more concerning is he has only attempted 1.8 shots per game and come up with just 1.5 rebounds. It isn’t easy being an injury reserve, however, Bennett can’t know when this opportunity will come again. This is no time to be shy.