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Quincy Acy: Bringing Life To The Raptors

Quincy Acy 1The Toronto Raptors sophomore Quincy Acy looked to be buried pretty deep on the back end of Head Coach Dwane Casey’s roster at the start of this season, but for the past 5 games, this self described energy guy has been bringing life to games at times when his teammates have needed a lift.  A forward that didn’t have spot in the rotation or even a recognized position on the court has found his ‘raison d’être’ on the Raptors.

“My game is high energy,” Acy said.  “It is not just based on that I am an offensive rebounder or a defender, I can do anything to provide a spark.  That is my main thing, just to put some life into the team whenever I can, whenever they need it.”

A 2012 second round draft pick, Acy has only been averaging 11.4 minutes per game off the bench and the 3.4 points, 2.8 rebounds, 0.6 steals and 0.6 blocks might not look significant compared to other players, however, on a per 36 minute basis, those stats are near double-double territory with 2 blocks and 2 steals.  Acy has a team high PER of 18.8 and a team best defensive rating of 98 according to  The effort has been noticed by his coach and is translating into more minutes for Acy.

“(Recent playing time) says a lot that coach is getting more confidence in me,” Acy said.  “It means I am growing as a player for him to have that confidence in me that he can count on me to be out there for extended periods of time and it is just up to me to give my all when I am out there on the court no matter what.”

“(Acy) is playing hard,” Casey said.  “He is really working hard.  He gives us that toughness and rebounding.  He and Tyler (Hansbrough) both do a great job of giving us grit and grime in the paint and that is what is keeping (Acy) on the floor.”

The young forward is also working on his offensive game and has hit on 40 percent of his 1 three-point attempt per game.  Acy still isn’t comfortable taking jump shots in an actual game, but he is working on it in practice and this should become part of what he can bring to team over time.

“I am getting a little more comfortable (shooting),” Acy said.  “I have put the work in, but right now it is about consciously I don’t want to shoot quick shots because sometimes I hold it, but that comes with experience playing and getting a feel for the game.  I think I will get better at that because I have been working at it.

“I spend countless hours in the gym so now it is just knowing where to be, knowing the right time to take the shot and things like that.”

However, Acy knows the skill that will keep him on the court for now is his energy.

“Energy is my skill,” Acy said.  “No matter who I go against, I am going to bring my all-out energy.  There are a lot of people with different skills in the league and my skill is to bring energy and I can’t let anybody have more energy than me or be better than me at my skill.”

On the Raptors, defense is what will get Coach Casey’s attention and being a recognized as a versatile defender is one of Acy’s goals, however, by the end of this season, Acy just wants to be seen as someone who can help a team win.

“I can be a versatile defender,” Acy said.  “I can help a team win.  (I want) to be known as a guy that will come in and do the things that are necessary to help a team win.  I think it is very valuable to have a winner’s mentality on your team.”

Acy has recently become the most noticeable player the Raptors have brought off the bench to develop this season.  Energy has gotten him on the court and energy will keep him there.  Acy could become one of those very nice ‘finds’ NBA teams unexpectedly pick up in the second round of the draft.

Stephen_Brotherston_insideStephen Brotherston covers the Toronto Raptors and visiting NBA teams at the Air Canada Centre and is a member of the Professional Basketball Writers Association.