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Ujiri speaks & Lowry smiles

Raptors Kyle Lowry: Family Played A Big Part In My Decision

Lost in the importance of winning, good friends and teammates was just how big a part family can play in a free agent’s decision about where to play. If Kyle Lowry’s family wasn’t happy in Toronto, there was no amount of winning or money that would have him re-signing with the Raptors.

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“It was very important,” Lowry said. “I don’t make a decision if I don’t have the support of my family. It just doesn’t happen.”

Fortunately, Lowry has the full support of his family in his decisions, but as any married man knows, when your wife tells you she will support any decision you make, it’s true as long as you make the right decision. Building a life in Toronto with teammates that also have young families over the past season gave Lowry support outside of basketball and made this choice easy.

“Our locker room everyone pretty much everyone has young guys, young kids and we get a chance to talk about your kids and we get a chance to take a break from basketball and know that life is bigger than just basketball. Life is more about your family, your kids and it always makes you smile.”

Lowry was one happy dude in Toronto last season. You could see it on his face during the season and especially during the playoffs. It was even obvious during Lowry’s end of season media availability. It is never a tough decision to remain with your employer – your team – if being there can make you smile.


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