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NBA Toronto Raptors Patrick Patterson

Raptors Mr. Serious Patrick Patterson Is A Fun Guy

The Raptors Patrick Patterson could be called Mr. Serious as the twenty-something forward has acted more like a veteran in his 30s since his arrival in Toronto about three years ago, but the big kid is still just 27-years-old and he’s really a fun guy if you pay attention to what he does off the court.

“Deep down I’m just a big kid at heart,” Patterson told Pro Bball Report. “All the little spoofs and videos that fans see at the game, how they see how I interact with them at my ‘Pat Presents’ (Patterson’s own fan promotion event), how they see how I interact at team functions on stage and how they see how I interact with my teammates, that’s who I truly am. Not the guy on the court, that’s completely different.

“What (fans) see, energetic, laughing, joking around, talkative, just out there, that’s who I am.”

However, what the causal fan sees is a serious, focused, defensive-minded power forward who has been a key contributor off the bench on a pretty good Raptors team, but this year is different. His role is changing. Now he’s one of just four players on the roster over 26-years-old who started the season with more than five years in the league, a veteran (of sorts) on very young team.

“It’s weird to think that I’ve been in the league so long and the situation with our team being so young,” Patterson said. “It’s weird to think about, but it’s good, it gives me something to think about, to work on as far as leadership and having people who look up to me and ask for advice and I can offer my opinion and they respect that and they don’t take my words for granted.

“It’s a good thing. It’s crazy to think about going back from day one playing in Houston to now that I’m a vet. Coaches, teammates they all look upon me to lead and set the right example and do the things on and off the court and just be responsible.”

And he takes his responsibilities seriously. There is never anything reported about Patterson on or off the court that hasn’t set a good example. However, just in case anybody needed a reminder that Mr. Serious still is a big fun loving kid, Patrick broke out the full Halloween outfit after his career-high five block effort in Monday night’s win over over the Nuggets and gave credit to the boom-box on his shoulder for the defensive effort.

“To the boom-box, I’m going to take it old school back to my high school days when I was blocking shots,” Patterson responded.

He is still just a big kid at heart. Just get him off the court first.



Patterson knows there is more than one way to be a leader.



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