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Tristan Thompson - cropped

Report Cavs Have Pulled Their Offer To Tristan Thompson

It would be hard to argue that Tristan Thompson’s agent hasn’t been playing hardball with the Cavs and by all appearances, the Cavs have been returning the favor. Thus the contract stalemate. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Basketball Insiders Larry Coon has heard that the Cavaliers have pulled their $80 million offer to Thompson off the table.

Larry Coon: One assumption I think we’re safe making is that if there was a big offer sheet waiting for him, he would have signed it by now. The Cavs were under no obligation to leave their $80 million offer on the table, and from what I heard, pulled it as soon as Thompson’s qualifying offer expired. I heard it was Mark Termini doing the actual negotiating, and he has a reputation for taking a really hard stance in negotiations, but I think he seriously miscalculated this one. Maybe he was thinking LeBron would be more of an influence on the team.

This contract dispute and holdout doesn’t appear to be going anywhere fast.