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NBA Sacramento Kings Marco Belinelli

Sacramento Kings Are As Badly Run As Rumored

Players, coaches and management are supposed to close ranks are keep all the bad stuff in-house, but there were persistent leaks and rumors that the Sacramento Kings were a complete and utter disaster last season beyond what was seen on the court (should that be again?).

Marco Belinelli, who signed a three-year deal with the Kings last summer, gave an interview with Sky Sport Italy after the season. Here’s an extract from the interview from Sportando:

“There wasn’t a group from the start of the season,” said Belinelli. ‘Karl didn’t want Cousins and Cousins didn’t want Karl as coach. It’s pretty hard to play well in a situation like that. At the beginning it looked like Ranadive was the man calling the shots but then Divac came in, trying to be the peacemaker between Cousins and Karl”.

“I saw some very bad stuff in the locker room,” Belinelli added. ‘Coming from a perfect organization like the Spurs, I was pretty surprised to see stuff like that”.

Is there any hope for Sacramento?

Coach Karl has been fired, so now the big issue becomes finding someone willing to take over this dysfunctional group. Not surprisingly, once again it’s being suggested moving out Cousins while he is still under contract can probably bring back a lot of value would help with both: 1) finding a coach willing to take the job, and 2) hopefully improving team chemistry and making the Kings a better organization to play for.

After going through five head coaches in five years and spending the past decade in the Draft Lottery, you’d think it was time to stop trying to put lipstick on the problems. The bad stuff Belinelli refers to in the locker room has to go before this team can move forward.