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Steve Ballmer To Buy Clippers For $2 Billion?

Apparently there was some truth to earlier reports that Donald Sterling had instructed his (ex-)wife Shelly Sterling to find a buyer for the Los Angeles Clippers. According to Los Angeles Times reporter James Rainey, Steve Ballmer has won a bidding war for the team with a $2 billion offer.



Donald Sterling appears to have kept every option open in his battle to retain his NBA franchise or resolve the situation on his own terms. From hoping the other owners wouldn’t vote him out, to threatening protracted litigation, to looking for a buyer ahead of the coming storm. With a $2 billion offer on the table, everybody could come out a winner from this messy situation.

By any measure, this is a massive offer, but this situation isn’t over until every step in the process is complete. Donald Sterling could reject the bid, the NBA could reject the buyer, or unforeseen terms and conditions from Ballmer or the NBA could put the kibosh on the deal.

However, at least for the moment, there is a glimmer of hope the NBA and Donald Sterling have found a way to part company amicably.