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The Best All-Time NBA Atlantic Division Starting 5’s

Danny Thompson of NBA Full Court Press Radio has laid out his All-Time best starting 5s for the Atlantic Division and there are some historic possibilities there.

His choice for the Toronto Raptors shouldn’t surprise anyone:

PG – Damon Stoudmire, SG – Vince Carter, SF – Morris Peterson, PF – Chris Bosh, C- Antonio Davis

Damon was the first player ever selected by the Raptors organization and he won Rookie of the Year that same year. “Mighty Mouse” was the first star the team ever had and we can only wonder how big he would have gotten had he never been traded to Portland. Carter is the biggest star this franchise has ever had. If you don’t know how good he was, watch the seven-game, Eastern Conference Semi-Finals series against Philadelphia in 2001. Peterson hit more three point field goals than anyone in team history. Bosh was a six-time All-Star in Toronto and became the Superstar of the franchise after Carter left town. Always averaging around 20 points and 10 rebounds, he could be considered the greatest Raptor of them all. Antonio Davis was an All-Star when he played in Toronto and was one of the best rebounders in the team’s history.

The Raptors hope this year’s starting 5 will be better, but the proof will be in the playing.

Be sure to check out Thompson’s all-time starter’s for Boston, Brooklyn, New York and Philly. Those Atlantic Division teams have been historically very good.



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