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The Hangout’s Akil Augustine Breaks Down Raptors Signings

From NBA TV Canada’s The Hangout, host Akil Augustine breaks down the Toronto Raptors free agent signings from this summer. From Bismack Biyombo at 12:03pm immediately after the July Moratorium ended, to the Hawks DeMarre Carroll, Canadian Cory Joseph and finally the veteran Luis Scola.



The highlights were:

Bismack Biyombo

bismack biyomboJPG“It’s shoring up exactly what the Toronto Raptors said would be their main agenda item which was defense. So now you got a guy who you can pair when you don’t have Jonas on the floor, a guy you can just throw down there. No need for touches and just protect that rim which is what the Toronto Raptors were missing.”

DeMarre Carroll

Carroll & Ujiri with ball closeup“He shoots the three and he’s a big defender. In the playoffs, the Wizards and the Nets used Paul Pierce in that stretch four position and we didn’t have someone who could match up, especially when James (Johnson) didn’t know the offense from that spot. One of the things I learned in my research about him from talking to people around the league at summer league was he is an amazing locker room guy.”

“Dwane Casey can now start problem solving other issues.”

Cory Joseph

Cory Joseph sitting“Everyone knew Masai really wanted to get a Canadian on this roster.”

“I think it is going to pay dividends for Toronto because again, another guy who plays defense.”

Luis Scola

Luis Scola with media“I love Luis Scola. I love his game. I’ve loved his game since I first saw him come into this league.”

“I know they are not focused on offense, but Luis Scola is a scorer. He is a scoring big and he’s a guy you can put on the floor and give you buckets.”

“He’s not a guard chucking shots.”

“He is like one of those Kevin Love type bigs. He doesn’t jump – great positional defense, great positional rebounding. He boxes out on every possession and he has great ball control.”

The Burning Question

“Any two ways I look at it, the Toronto Raptors had a great off season. I just want to see what they do during the season.”

Better than last season? “Yes, whole-heartedly.”

“I am going to say on paper they are better. It is going to be up to them and they are going to have to break a franchise record in wins again in order to prove me right.”



Akil Augustine suitFrom Intern and Internet vlogger all the way to Host & Producer, Akil Augustine has brought his original take on basketball news, on and off the court to the masses with “The Hangout” on NBA TV Canada.



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