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NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving

What If Cavs Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Return And No One Notices?

After suffering a broken knee cap and undergoing surgery in June, it shouldn’t exactly come as a shock that the Cavs All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving is expected to miss the start of the 2015-16 NBA season, just about no one expects him to rush back before January either and really, why even that quick? The thing is with the Cavaliers, there’s a pretty good chance no one notices his absence.

The reality in Cleveland is its LeBron James who runs the Cavaliers offense and he does an exceptional job. As long as James has scorers to pass the ball to, the Cavs offense should look pretty good with or without the offensive skills Irving brings to the table. In the short term or even as long as necessary during the regular season, the addition of the veteran Mo Williams should fill the gap and Cleveland’s overall record shouldn’t be expected to suffer for the change.

The Cavs will be the Eastern Conference favorites and Irving missing any number of regular season games isn’t going to change that. It’s all about the playoffs in Cleveland. Get Irving back in time to prepare for the postseason and no one will notice (and outside of Cleveland care) that he hasn’t been around.



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photo credit Paul Saini